10 December 2021
SMARTPORT: a social media campaign to discover the Project

Starting from December 2021, the Partnership of the Project “Smart and Sustainable Energy Port” will launch a social media campaign aimed to present the Project goal, each Project Partner, and its role in the SMARTPORT Project.

In the coming weeks, multimedia content will be posted on the official Facebook page of the Project and the Facebook community will have the chance to learn more about smart technologies, innovative strategies for ports' energy efficiency, and Project Partners: 

  1. Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea (IT)
  2. Port of Bar (ME)
  3. Port of Vlore (AL)
  4. Municipality of Termoli (IT) 
  5. Apulia Regional Agency for Environmental Prevention and Protection (IT).

Follow the official Facebook page of the SMARTPORT Project, comment on social content, and share posts: https://www.facebook.com/projectsmartport